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Chocolate, Food Lovers – 22 Recipes

Chocolate, Food Lovers – 22 Recipes

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This Food Lovers, Chocolate Recipe Book offers Chocolate Desserts, served 22 Different Ways!

From Cakes, to Brownies and Soufflé, this book is what all Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics need in their Kitchen!

This Stylish Cookbook will help feed your passion by offering a collection of delicious recipes that are easy to prepare, doesn’t require hours in the kitchen and are a feast for the eyes!
Whether you are making a dessert for two or Entertaining to impress, you will Love using these exciting recipes and will see great results every time!

Each mouth-watering recipe is clearly set out with a list of ingredients, preparation and cooking times, step-by-step instructions and a beautifully photographed serving suggestion.

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